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Updated: 2018-06-17 (Frost are back! )

We have expanded our Opaque RPG Sets to include both our D12 Hit Location Die and the D8 Compass Die for a complete matching 9pc Set.

New Twisted for 2018

New Frost for 2018

To see the variety of RPG sets, click HERE or click on Dice Pack on the upper left navigation



This below link is the current order form for retailers. The prices listed are retail prices only. These are not whole sale prices. Contact us if you have questions and for whole sale pricing if you are a Gaming / Hobby retailer.

You can now download it at will, input your order and email or fax your order in to get quickly processed. We are adding different manufacturers to insure a stable supply of dice hence there are new prices for most polyhedrals currently in effect.

Phone : 262-995-1300

Order Form Dice Sets Aug 2018 (PDF) / (Open Source) / (Excel)

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